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Mayor of Torremolinos and PSOE Candidate for Mayor



In just four years, we’ve restored the dream to Torremolinos, joy, opportunitiesand freedom.

Torremolinos is alive again! In 2015 we were faced with a town governed by authoritarianism, with policies designed for only a few and a 200 million euro debt.
We have worked tirelessly to give the people of Torremolinos the city they deserve. Never has so much been achieved in our city, in such a short time and with so few resources.

We want to continue working for the next four years so that Torremolinos remains unstoppable. And to achieve this, we need you to continue trusting in us. We are up for reelection in the local elections with 150 proposals in our programme, so that we can continue growing together.

That is why I hope that on 26th May you will vote for the future of Torremolinos.

Current Mayor of Torremolinos and PSOE Candidate for Mayor 



Our Candidates

15 of the 150 projects for the future of Torremolinos

We have 135 proposals that you can find out more about downloading our complete electoral program.

We cannot do this without you, because TORREMOLINOS IS ALL OF ❤S. On May 26th ,

VOTE for José Ortiz


1. Andalusian Improvement Plan for El Calvario

We will extend the re-modernisation of the town centre to the surrounding neighbourhoods, carrying out comprehensive projects to renovate streets, squares and all public spaces, including paving, pavements, wooded areas, garden areas, ramps, façades and public benches and seating areas.

2. Over 1.000 new parking spaces

The creation of over a thousand parking spaces in the Centre and La Carihuela.
• Parking spaces at an affordable price. • The construction of a new underground car-park in La Carihuela. • Lifts to connect Plaza Cantabria and La Carihuela, Carlota Alessandri and La Batería, and the refurbishment of the lift in El Bajondillo. •We will extend the existing bus routes and introduce a new route T3 connecting the Centre – Pinillo.

3. Safety and Security Plan

We will install video surveillance cameras. • A new police station in the centre. • An increase in the Local Police force with 50 new officers. • A new Operational Support group for conflictive areas. • Regulations for the use of scooters and skates.

4. New Plan for Optimising Street Cleaning

Equipment will be increased and modernised. There will be a supervisor responsible for each neighbourhood. • A Maintenance and Conservation Plan for public areas we be put into action. • A Performance Plan for planting street trees to improve paved areas.

5. More employment

Increase employment plans with our own funds, targeting the unskilled and long-term unemployed. • The creation of training programmes aimed at developing quality employment for the forthcoming shopping centre. • The creation of a Special Employment Centre for people with disabilities.

6. New Neighbourhood Department

Plan to revitalise neighbourhoods with activities for the whole family: play centres, sports facilities, upgrading playground areas, study areas, and more subsidies for senior citizen centres. • Plan to restore the Tipismo Marinero statue in the La Carihuela. • Partial pedestrianisation of Calle Cruz. • Improve the connection between El Pinillo-La Leala and El Bajondillo-Playamar. • Redevelopment of Cañada de Los Cardos.

7. More town allotments

After the tremendous welcome given to the town allotments programme that we promoted during our last term of office, we will create more on the east and west areas of the city. And the permission given to the current holders will be extended for more years.

8. Modernisation and energy efficiency of sports facilities

More sports in neighbourhoods and more outdoor activities: skatepark, BMX, water sports… • We will bring more national and international sporting events to the city. • A Municipal Maritime Centre in La Colina-Los Álamos.

9. Tropical Park in the nursery

We will create a Tropical Park in the old nursery ‘Pan Triste’ featuring activities for the whole family. We will connect Pan Triste and Paseo del Colorado with a pedestrian path, joining the north and south of the neighbourhood.

10. La Torre y sus Molinos’ Historical-Cultural Park

The Director of Culture in Torremolinos Plan will be put into action. We will create a historical-cultural park ‘La Torre y sus Molinos’ to highlight our valuable history. We will promote the local cultural activities in the Centro Picasso and increase the number of courses and workshops on offer at the Universidad Popular.

11. Suburban Parkland

Upgrade the mountain range to a protected natural park. • Develop a Suburban Parkland. • Carry out a reforestation plan of the old landfill area and modernise the public benches and seating areas in Los Pinares.

12. Reduce taxes and create more subsidies

We will continue to progressively lower the council tax (IBI). We will extend housing subsidies to sports clubs, associations, NGOs and council tax grants.

13. Beautify and renovate façades

Subsidies will be made available to housing estates to renovate the façades and pass the Technical Building Inspection (ITE). • We will work on restoring the emblematic buildings in the city.

14. Help for young people

We will help young people to become independent with subsidies for rent and the construction of subsidised housing. • We will continue to revitalise culture through the youth centre, municipal rehearsal studios the creation of volunteer programmes…

15. Promote free transport for senior citizens

Plans for Active Ageing will be launched to improve the quality of life for our senior citizens, through cultural and sporting activities. • We will promote free transport for senior citizens • We will create a companion care programme for those people who live alone.




  2. TORREMOLINOS IS TRENDY. Tourism, Beachs and Environment

  3. TORREMOLINOS INSPIRES L❤VE. Youth, Culture and Sports

  4. TORREMOLINOS, TOGETHER WE GROW MORE Equality and  Social services

  5. TORREMOLINOS GOES ON AND ON Employment, Public administration, Economy and Security

Legislative period, in pictures

Torremolinos has been going through a real revolution for the past four years. But we still have a lot to do, that’s why we invite you to consult our 150 proposals to always move forward . But first, we want to remind you how the city has changed during this term! Torremolinos is slowly becoming the city we want and deserve. #TorremolinosEresTÚ #SomosTODS


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Torremolinos is all of ❤s, is very important for us to know your thoughts about it.
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